My Moment In Time Writing

W.A.L.T: Write a moment in time.


Here is some information about abseiling that I found out.

W.A.L.T: Research information from a range of sources.


  • Ropes
  • Helmet
  • Climbing Harness
  • Carabiners
  •  Descender
  • A prusik, Klemheist knot, or Bachmann knot may be used as safety back-up, also called a “third hand,” and is used as a back-up in the case of the abseiler losing control of the abseil.
  • Anchors – have some for back-upAnchors – have some for back-up.

Climbing Techniques

Abseiling is a great way to be active in the great outdoors.

There is to types of abseiling there is on  mountain or on a fixed wall.

Abseiling or Rappelling is the technique of descending through the use of a fixed rope.

Week 9 Goal

W.A.L.T: Set SMART and positive learning goals.

What:My goal for this week is to try finish my  learner profile and to make it a 3d effect.

Why: I have chosen this goal because this is the last week to do it and I want it to try look my best and be really interesting to our class.

How:I am going to achieve this goal by working hard and doing it at lunch and brunch.

** Great focus Amy.  Making a 3D effect will make your profile stand out well.

Week 8 Reflection

W.A.L.T: Reflect on our learning.

What: This week I have done sports with shar,  reading, writing, learner profiles and maths.

So What: This I have learnt how to download fonts       here are some websites that you can get free fonts from 1001 free fonts and dafont .

NowWhat: Next week I want to focus on  doing my homework in the week and not doing it in the weekend so that I have more time to read and buy more books.


Highland Home Camp Goals

W.A.L.T Set smart and positive goals My first goal is to try every thing and give it my best shot. I will do this by trying everything and doing everything even if I don’t want to. My other goal is to try make our bunk room really tidy so we can win a prize. I will do that by when I finished with something from my bag I will put it away and encourage my bunks mates to do the same.